Factors That Are Influencing The Target Inventory


Are you aware of the most important asset of the company? This is the inventory of the company that will be accurately, proactively and effectively managed. However, at times when you are having less or more inventory then it affects the company’s productivity and profitability. For avoiding such situations the businesses must hold the target inventory. Every business has its prime objective to have sufficient inventory for which they don’t have to face the problem of missing the consumer service target. On the other hand, there is also the problem of inventory that is running out of stock.

This happens because once the customer doesn’t find the products that it requires then they opt for the different company which is selling the same product. Moreover, there will be a huge loss to the company by the missed sales, pending payments, losing customers and are having surplus stock of atleast the demanded product in the market. Seeing this there are inventory managers in each company that is dealing with the management of the surplus inventory for the fulfillment of the desired demanded products. However, they are managing the products and the optimal inventory by the effective and the efficient techniques of the inventory management.

Furthermore, this inventory management is enhancing the profitability and also cutting down the additional costs for the least demanded product in the market. This also utilizes the availability of the products that are required for the opportunity of investing in the management. Thus, the target inventory is the cause of concern for every business that is having profits and more supplies in a single time period. However, there are many factors that are affecting the decisions of the business. In this excerpt, there are those factors that are affecting the business decisions of the organization.

Factors that are influencing the target inventory

Here are some of the factors that are associated with and influencing the management of the inventory.

Outcomes that are unexpected

Consumer demands are very fluctuating and this is a great challenge for the organization to manage the inventory according to the demand. However, this is the main objective of the organization to fulfill the need of the consumer when they are in need. The procedure of the management of the inventory requires the successful and perfect estimation of the accuracy of the demands that are measured according to the demanded inventory level. Therefore, it is necessary for businesses to maintain enough inventories for meeting customer demands.

Time to buy the product

Seasons are another factor that influences the inventory of the product in the market. The products are sold and demanded according to the season that is arising. If it is the peak season for the product then the company should have a large sum of inventory but in the offseason, the company should have fewer inventories.


When the company is working with the low cost they affect the capital of the business, then this affects the directly to the inventory. Therefore, there should be the maintenance of the target inventory in the best quantity and quality

Thus, you must look forward to these factors that are widely affecting the target inventory of the business and affecting its growth.