A deficiency that causes hair loss in women


One of the best ornaments of a woman is her own hair. Healthy, thick, long and shiny hair. But these features are enjoyed by very few women. Hair loss for women is one problem which strips them of the joy of having hair rich with the above-mentioned features. There are a lot of external as well as internal factors which play a major role in the health of the hair of a woman. External factors can seldom be controlled, but internal factors which include deficiency of some major nutrients can be very easily controlled. Here, we will tell you about some of these deficiencies which cause hair loss for women.

  1.  Vitamin C deficiency

The damage caused by free radicals can lead to blockage of growth of hair and apart from this can result in the ageing of the hair. One of the most powerful antioxidants that can help in protecting against the oxidative stress, which is caused by the mentioned free radicals is vitamin C. Hence, it’s deficiency results in loss of hair.

  1.  Vitamin D deficiency

It has been scientifically proven that low levels of Vitamin D result in loss of hair. Moreover, vitamin D helps in the creation of fresh follicles and as we all know, follicles are the places where new hair grows. A lot of women suffer from a deficiency of vitamin D due to which they suffer from weak and damaged hair growth.

  1.  Vitamin E deficiency

As we have mentioned earlier antioxidants can help in protecting against the oxidative stress, which is caused by free radicals. Vitamin E is one such antioxidant, which helps in fighting free oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Hence deficiency of Vitamin E can lead to oxidative stress and further hair loss.

  1. Iron deficiency

Iron is responsible for helping red blood cells in carrying oxygen to the cells. Thus, in the absence of iron in hair, a woman suffers tragically as the required amount of oxygen does not reach the cells and hence hair fall happens. Women lose iron on a monthly basis as they go through menstruation and hence they are more prone to iron deficiency which ultimately leads to loss of hair.

  1.  Protein deficiency


Our hair is made completely from protein. So, if women suffer from a deficiency of protein their hair will automatically grow weak and will eventually fall down. Moreover, if the body does not have reserves of protein then the formation of new hair is also not possible. So women should consume an adequate amount of protein to avoid its deficiency.

  1. Zinc deficiency

Zinc is one of the most important minerals as it helps in growth as well as repair of the tissues of hair. Moreover, Zinc also helps in the proper functioning of the glands of oil around the hair follicles. If a woman’s body is deficient in Zinc then hair loss is one of the primary symptoms that can be observed easily. Hence, you should eat food rich in zinc.

By keeping a check on the above mentioned deficiencies you can surely take good care of your hair. Moreover, you must take a balanced diet rich in the above mentioned nutrients to avoid their deficiencies and hence have healthy and strong hair.